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Like many consulting companies, Protorisk’s value derives from our staff – and our staff know commodities markets and commodity derivatives. From quantitative modelling and systems development, structuring and pricing to financing and trading we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. These skills, combined with this level of specialization, have led to a truly original business geared to advise, identify and assist our clients to capitalise on opportunities they have in the commodities sector.

Protorisk focusses on specific transactions which we know can be dramatically improved, either from a risk or profit perspective, with the use of commodity derivatives. We supply all the expertise, systems and technology to allow our clients to participate, as equals, in the commodity derivative markets without the corresponding commitment in time and effort.

If you have a direct or indirect exposure to commodities and want to know why you should do more than simply “ride it out” or “back it out”, we can help. We are about more than just doing deals, we aim to share market insight, best practice and knowledge because we believe that we will only be successful if our clients build and maintain profitable, sustainable businesses first.

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Protorisk offers advisory, risk management and reporting services on every aspect of managing price risk with derivatives.

Protorisk was established to enable our clients to engage, as equals, with all participants in the commodity space.

Protorisk is well positioned to work with a global customer base with the company based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (regulated by the DFSA).