Our Values

Our values define who we are as a global organization.

  • Success comes from hard work, learning from the experts and paying attention to the details.

  • We will always behave with integrity, respect and fairness to our clients and our colleagues.

  • We will always highlight any or potential conflicts of interest and strive to manage any that may occur.

  • We strongly oppose discrimination in any form and strongly oppose corruption in all its forms and will play our part in identifying and reporting corrupt practices without exception.

What we offer
What we do
Where we're based

Protorisk offers advisory, risk management and reporting services on every aspect of managing price risk with derivatives.

Protorisk was established to enable our clients to engage, as equals, with all participants in the commodity space.

Protorisk is well positioned to work with a global customer base with the company based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (regulated by the DFSA).