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Protorisk offers corporate advisory and reporting services on every commodity derivative related issue. This includes risk within borrowing facilities as well as the direct hedging of commodity exposures.

We make risk management analysis easily accessible, customisable and understandable to non-specialists in order to facilitate informed macro business decisions.

Our Hedge Intelligence Service provides clients with all the information, insight and support they need to run a world class risk management operation.

Protorisk provides five main advisory services.

  1. Advice on formulating a tactical or strategic hedging programme.
  2. Advice on best execution practice and counterparty relationships.
  3. Advice on reconciling bank derivative valuations to internal valuations.
  4. Advice on optimally structuring physical offtake contracts from a pricing point of view.
  5. Advice on commodity price linked finance structures.

We believe that risk managers and other stakeholders should be provided with all the information they need to manage their activities, not just the information that's easy to produce, therefore enabling informed robust business decisions.

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Protorisk offers advisory, risk management and reporting services on every aspect of managing price risk with derivatives.

Protorisk was established to enable our clients to engage, as equals, with all participants in the commodity space.

Protorisk is well positioned to work with a global customer base with the company based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (regulated by the DFSA).