Management Team

 Management Team
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Protorisk’s management have participated in the commodity derivative markets for many years, covering the full range of specialist sub-disciplines from systems development and quant modeling to structuring, financing and trading. They have been involved with a wide spectrum of commodity counterparties and are highly experienced and motivated. The group firmly believes a transparent professional commodity structuring capability is achievable for all participants.

Justin Watson, Director, has sixteen years of commodity trading related experience of which eleven years were spent directly working in the commodity risk management arena. He founded Protorisk Ltd in 2010 as a highly specialised commodity risk management advisory firm that seeks to transfer investment banking knowledge and experience from the international financial centres to our clients. Justin is passionate about using technology to make commodity derivatives simpler and more transparent.

Steven Davey, Director, has twelve years of commodity, and three years of equity and interest rate derivative experience. He is based in Johannesburg, South Africa focussing on transaction structuring and quantitative software development. He is a "quant" with a maths background but has a real desire to find the simplest, most practical way to do a transaction.

Gursharan Randhawa, Director, has fifteen years of investment banking experience, covering financing, derivatives and physical off-take solutions for a wide range of commodity and energy clients. Gursharan worked at a top tier South African bank, a company with a strong footprint in both commodities and emerging markets, from which he has developed a deep understanding of both how the commodities markets operate and the specific and unique needs of each client. Gursharan served as an executive for structured commodity solutions and has dealt with producers, consumers, banks, trading houses and investors.

Edward Campbell-Gray, Director, has over twenty five years of trading experience within the fixed income and commodity space. He has traded physical soft commodities and during the last ten years has been providing commodity, trading and derivative solutions for a client base within top tier financial institutions and subsequently accepting and managing their risk on their behalf.